Niranjan Bidargaddi

Flinders University, Australia

Niranjan Bidargaddi has a background in developing information technology solutions for health. He is currently leading a multidisciplinary personal health informatics group, which is studying ways to turning personal technologies and personal data into health and wellness services. His research interests include m-health, real time monitoring, interactive care, decision support tools, applied machine learning. He previously led the Mental Health Informatics Research Unit at Country Health SA LHN, which resulted in Mental Health Observatory, a cross-disciplinary collaboration to leverage data in mental health care, Young and Well Towns project in collaboration with Reachout ( to study the role of technology for young adults mental health and wellbeing. At SAHMRI Mind and Brain he is developing a Digital phenotyping platform, to collect high resolution behavioural markers from naturalistic setting and methodologies to analyze it with genetic and biomarkers. During 2007-2009, he was a CSIRO Postdoctoral Fellow at the Australian e-Health Research Centre where his research into mobile physiological and behavioral monitoring applications led to the development and trialing of a home-based cardiac rehabilitation care in QLD Health. He is also the founding member and Co-director of goACT Pty Ltd, an Australian Health Information Technology startup that received seed funding from Commericialization Australia, specializing in developing internet and mobile applications to deliver evidence based interventions and improving communication between patients and clinicians.

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