The best way to predict your future is to create it

- Abraham Lincoln

Recent Work

My work involves mental health and innovation. ALWAYS.

Each summer I host my international conference on Digital Innovation in Mental Health within the precincts of Westminster Abbey, London, UK. This year’s theme was on ‘Trust’ with a closing panel on ‘Power’. Some of my recently accepted publications [in Nature Human Behaviour, Translational Psychiatry, Journal of Medical Internet Research, Journal of Hip Hop Studies and Biomedical Informatics Insights] can be found here. I'm writing a commissioned series of papers for The Lancet Psychiatry on artificial intelligence, digital psychiatry, ethics and society. I am now focusing a lot of my energy and thinking into digital social prescribing work, which will be ongoing. I’m also working on some ultra-audible biotechnology studies involving psychoacoustic perception, watermarking wellbeing, EEG, and biological markers. I also just completed a set of publications (1 and 2) attempting to unravel the complex GSK3beta genetic network underlying hippocampal changes related to EPO treatment in depression. As part of the social venture I co-founded, Hip Hop Psych, we've published our latest material on Eminem with more writing and live events planned and we started our first hip-hop neuroscience music intervention study this summer. I continue to design bespoke mental health jewellery as part of my anti-stigma jewellery line. I’m heading more into the digital interactive theatre space, and also advising play writers on their scripts around mental health. More ideas are on the move too, such as venturing into financial health and space health.



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Im also fascinated by the human kinome; Ive started looking at the role of the human kinome in Alzheimer's disease

More projects exist...but its probably easier to speak in person....