Current Work

My work ranges from examining how we can ethically use digital technology and social media data to better understand and treat mental health to unravelling the complex GSK3beta genetic network underlying hippocampal changes related to EPO treatment in depression. Over the summer I hosted my inaugural Summer 2017 Conference on Digital Mental Health - and plan to host again in 2018! I've been commissioned by The Lancet Psychiatry to write a Series of papers on artificial intelligence, digital psychiatry, ethics and society. I've also had some recent publications come out, such as Hip Hop Psych's latest material on Eminem and a cohort paper from the project I was Senior Manager on for 5 years called the Neuroscience in Psychiatry Network. More ideas are in the pipeline too, such as my anti-stigma jewellery line coming out in 2018 and a hip-hop / rapping neuroscience intervention study.

Other projects include exploring the role of the human kinome in Alzheimer's disease. I am also working in collaboration with the ALSPAC cohort to do a similar thing as I've done for My Online Life in a larger data set to test for replication.

More projects exist in the pipeline...coming soon.