Current Work

My work varies a lot.  For example, (1) I will host my second international conference on Digital Innovation in Mental Health this summer 17-18th July 2018, within the precincts of Westminster Abbey, London, UK; (2) along with colleagues, using Wysa data, I will be submitting an AI healthcare-based chatbot intervention study to the journal, PNAS (more details coming soon); (3) I'm also interested in unravelling the complex GSK3beta genetic network underlying hippocampal changes related to EPO treatment in depression, with two publications in this area coming out soon; (4) I have co-authored a paper on data science in mental healthcare (Nature Human Behaviour; response to reviewers stage); (5)  I've been commissioned by The Lancet Psychiatry to write a Series of papers on artificial intelligence, digital psychiatry, ethics and society; (6) as part of the social venture I co-founded, Hip Hop Psych, we've published our latest material on Eminem with more live events and a paper in the pipeline on other topics; (7) I published a cohort paper from the project I was Senior Manager on for 5 years called the Neuroscience in Psychiatry Network. More ideas are on the move too, such as my anti-stigma jewellery line, advising play writers on their scripts around mental health, AI and neuroscience as well as a hip-hop neuroscience intervention study starting summer '18.

Other projects include exploring the role of the human kinome in Alzheimer's disease. I am also working in collaboration with the ALSPAC cohort to do a similar thing as I've done for My Online Life in a larger data set to test for replication.

More projects exist in the pipeline...but its probably easier to speak in person....