My Philosophy

I am a socially conscious neuroscientist, passionate about everything from cells to phones, jewellery to genes, hippocampi to hip-hop...

I research digital interventions, social media data, molecular biology, neuroimaging, epidemiology, psychiatry, psychology, statistical methodologies, and other areas to improve our understanding of mental health. I have experience in senior research management roles.

I love engaging with youth culture, the arts and society. 

My Work

Approved Symposium Submission, American Psychiatric Association, New York City, USA, May 2018: "New frontiers for artificial intelligence in psychiatry: from personalised health to community care". I will be creating a blog about my experiences throughout the conference 'here' soon.

Keynote Speaker, UCL Educational Psychology Group Leading Edge Day Conference, London, UK. 27th March 2018. Conference title: Children and young people in the digital age: what do EPs need to know? Talk title: "Putting ethics at the forefront of frontiers in digital mental health".

Invited Speaker, Royal Society of Medicine, London, UK. Event called "Social media: challenges and benefits for mental health and wellbeing" on 14th November 2017. Find out more here:

Spotlight on GSK3beta

How does it relate to

hippocampal volume, 

major depressive disorder,

cognition AND



Eminem’s Character, Stan: A Bio-Psycho- Social Autopsy

Hip Hop Psych (Co-Founders: Drs Sule & Inkster) Journal of Hip Hop Studies, Volume 4, Issue 1, Fall 2017, pp. 43 – 49



  • Working with Legal & General to understand the risks and appropriate controls for the development and application of artificial intelligence in digital mental healthcare.
  • Working with the Royal Society of Public Health and Facebook to follow up on the #StatusOfMind report
  • Writing an eBook on young people and social media
  • Review paper on EPO, depression, cognition, hippocampus and molecular pathways (under review at Translational Psychiatry)
  • Innovation linking fashion, technology and psychiatry, in part to create a Public Mental Health Campaign Social Event tied into my 2018 Summer Digital Innovation in Mental Health Conference.