Art in Dialogue Workshop

Leader: Shanali Perera, Digital Artist, UK


  • Discover how art can be a visual language to express a broad range of emotions, pain, fatigue

  • Reflect on the role art can play in Communication, relaxation, improving mood and wellbeing.

  • Participants will experience creating Digital Art using smartphone or tablet

  • Engaging mind and eye, freeing thoughts, feelings

  • Capturing energies into colour and shapes

  • Gain a deeper understanding, explore ways of seeing, learning using artistic expression

  • Integrating Digital media, arts, health and education.

Shanali Perera - Unity.jpg

Summary: A taster Digital Art session using a smartphone or tablet participants will discover how to create digital art can be constructive as well as an enjoyable pursuit.

This workshop is about learning new ways to take charge, exploring new tools, and finding Outlets:

▪ to take the focus away coping with stress ▪ to build endurance and in-still calmness ▪ to help deal with situations better

The aim of the whole session is to connect with people from various professional backgrounds and have a go at creating art. The take home message will be reflecting on the role art can play in relaxation, and improving mood and wellbeing at home as well as work.