Is artificial intelligence the new frontier?


In this workshop, we will explore the capabilities and limitations of existing and future potential artificial intelligence technologies for mental health support and resilience building.

Workshop facilitator, Victoria Betton, will steer discussions across three intriguing questions: (i) what is the best possible outcome for AI-driven therapy, (ii) what is the worst possible outcome? and (iii) what is the most likely outcome?

We will encourage discussions on how to modernise mental health services by utilising digital behavioural change models yet also emphasizing the importance of placing service users at the centre of their own care plan. There will be a product demonstration by Touchkin co-founders and workshop attendees will have the opportunity to interact with AI chatbot technology so that they can experience its impact.


Learning Objectives

1.    To improve your ability to confidently talk about technical subjects related to digital mental healthcare

2.    To obtain hands-on experiences applying digital tools available and in development (e.g.,Touchkin’s artificial intelligence chatbot)

3.    To develop your understanding of the practical implications of developing and deploying digital mental health solutions

4.    To develop a strong awareness of the importance of co-designed digital health solutions and to examine digital solutions from patient, practitioner and public perspectives.

After you've attended this workshop WE'd like to ask you a few quick questions...

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