Feedback from DIMH2019


“I left feeling inspired, connected and refuelled, which is the best outcome of a conference I think you can hope for.” Clinician

“It really was the best conference I've ever been to. I am going to be digesting and absorbing so much of the content for a good while to come!” Artist

"DIMH is a powerful demonstration of how we should be moving together as a field. A wonderful meeting of minds: open, innovative, scientifically rigorous, and genuinely multidisciplinary." Academic

“…the conference was more diverse in terms of its programme and attendance than most that I’ve been to.” Editor of a high impact academic journal

“I really loved the way the agenda combined active fun-filled engaging workshops with deeply rigorous scientific presentations.” Telecommunications Expert

“I really do need your event for that annual infusion of hope and excitement, and the unexpected!” Advocate of experts by experience

“I was slightly anxious as I knew there was going to be very highly skilled professionals in attendance. But actually the whole experience was a positive challenge for me....i love it!! Thank you for including me in a community of such talented individuals.” Artist

“It was f*&^%$@ awesome. It’s like going to a theme park” Computer Scientist

“The information I have absorbed and connections made will have an impact for a long time to come!” Academic

“I have never been to a conference like it: the range and diversity was simply staggering.  And even more than that, the atmosphere was just so welcoming and open - to be able to go and talk to anyone and know that each person you spoke to would be happy to talk to you and you would have an incredible conversation - that is truly extraordinary, unusual and very special.” Artist