more feedback dimh2018

"I thought the agenda kept things moving and each time stage was different enough that there was no lethargy than you can experience at some conferences when it is just presentation after presentation."

"thank you so much for such an amazing conference, very informative, great connections and left with a good buzz of energy!"

"I was truly impressed with the group of attendees because everyone was so interested and committed to mental health, and offered very constructive feedback. Honestly, I loved the small format for this meeting, the chance to meet others with similar passion for this topic, and how it is so much different from typical academic conferences."

"It was an eye opener in many ways, especially the differing language and understandings from a diverse attendeeship regarding the topic areas and projects.  Trust was such a good overarching title."

" gave me my first big break in this kind of research and I feel so much more confident in my thoughts and research interests."

"I loved the opportunity to build working relationships throughout the conference proceedings. Also, the informal feel of the conference was so much more friendly and enjoyable compared to other academic conferences."

"Thank you so much for organising such a great conference. It's given me a lot to think about in my practice working with young people."

"Thank you for putting together such a great conference! I got to know so many interesting people from different backgrounds, it was a really great branching-out experience for me. Had a wonderful time :) "

"Wonderful couple of days with inspirational people. Thank you for the opportunity."

"It was a great event – interesting people with an enthusiasm to debate and explore crucial issues together. I also liked the setting. It was a good idea to hold it in a school."