My Neuroscience Philosophy


I am a socially conscious neuroscientist passionate about everything from cells to society, genes to jewellery, and hippocampus to hip-hop...

I use tools in molecular biology, neuroimaging, epidemiology, psychology, psychiatry and social media data to improve our understanding of mental health. I have 5 years of experience in senior research management roles and I am extremely passionate about engaging with society, youth culture, and the arts. 


Highlights for 2017...




Innovation & Strategies for digital interventions in mental health


Find out more about the conference I am preparing to host this summer in the heart of London within the precincts of Westminster Abbey:

integrating psychiatry, digital technology and culture...

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Spotlight on GSK3beta

How does GSK3Beta relate to

hippocampal volume, 

major depressive disorder,

cognition AND


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