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London, England.

The city where the traditional and the modern are symbiotic: From tea at The Ritz to a night at the Roundhouse, and a skyline of St. Paul’s and the Shard. Contrast between the old and the new in London is perhaps more obvious than anywhere else in the world — and it couldn’t blend more beautifully. But most importantly, it makes for the perfect setting of a conference that fuses the established methods of psychiatry with modern digital technologies.

The aim of the Digital Innovation in Mental Health conference, created by Dr. Becky Inkster, is to “combine psychiatry, digital technology and culture to bring innovative, positive change for those seeking mental health support.” Now in its second year, this conference is designed to bring together experts from the fields of mental health, technology, and any other interested groups, to learn, debate, and collaborate on the future of digital mental health.

Aptly set in the heart of London, the conference explores the potential of social media, apps, AI, digital data, and more, to change the way patients and professionals alike approach mental health. It asks conference-goers to deeply examine both the potential consequences and strategies in which these technologies can better mental health awareness and treatment. Attendees investigate how these digital innovations can promote equality and knowledge in mental health, and how these advances can help expand and personalize the reach of care, especially for disadvantaged or unheard populations.

The possibilities of these technologies to enhance our approach to mental health seem endless. That’s why we need to gather together the most passionate and creative minds from around the world to ask the right questions, and better yet, help find the right answers to the future of digital mental health.

One of the best ways to show what you can gain from the conference is to hear from those who came to the inaugural conference in 2017:

“I speak at a lot of conferences and am often underwhelmed by them but I was really genuinely very impressed by what you managed to pull off – particularly the diversity and range of speakers with so many different perspectives and I felt like I learnt ever such a lot.”
— Speaker, 2017 Conference
“It was particularly good to see people from different disciplines and backgrounds coming together to share information in a way that was supportive and collaborative”

“…incredibly interesting and relevant discussions…the collection of attendees was amazing.”

“The quality and the variety of it were impressive. I learned a lot from these days and got back home with many ideas.”
— Delegates, 2017 Conference

As you can see, come prepared to speak your mind, share your ideas, and learn some new ones from other attendees. Digital mental health is a revolution: It’s imperative that each year more and more sectors comes together to share their perspectives on where we are and to strategize where we might go. Please be a part of our dialogue and calls to action!

Below you can take a look at last year’s conference schedule to get a feel for what to expect in 2018. But also anticipate more for what’s in store. Please continue to check the website for updates on the full 2018 schedule as well as information on admission fees and other details.

Blog by: Margaret Kramer, 12th November 2017

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