Social Event



The Hospital Club, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9HQ

4:30 – 7:30 pm Monday 31ST July 2017





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Emoji Mental Health Short Film & Art Exhibition BY:


Fabien Soazandry, Film Director, London, UK.

Fabien Soazandry is a French film Director of Malagache decent. His film work has acclaimed multiple awards including Best Director 2010 BEFTA.Fabien also worked with The Hayward Gallery, as there in house filmmaker at the age of 16, his short films were screened several times at The British Film Institute and won a best story and best picture award. He also worked with BBC as a documentary filmmaker. He worked for Livity as a freelance filmmaker, making corporate and campaign marketing films for a number of companies including Nike, Mindshare, MTV and Sony BMG and for Current TV on a documentary about pop culture in Paris, before setting up his own production company Invincible Frames. Where he has worked for the likes of Channel 4, Accenture, EY and many more. He is also renowned for his paintings, which were recently exhibited at the American Embassy for American black history month. His Art driven approach to film making has enabled him to gain an insight into visual literacy for which he is a strong and passionate advocate for its use in education and medicine

Bibe Kadir, Social Anthropologist & COO, Educational Consultancy firm, London, UK.

I am the Creative Content Lead for the Innovation & Strategies for Digital Interventions in Mental Health Conference. In my professional career, I provide advice and consultancy to government and local authorities, organisations and educational bodies. I work on projects and deliver educational programs making engagement and outreach a much easier process for the projects targeted audience. My current passions and works focus on producing workshops and programs, which seek to improve the lives of the patients in mental health care sectors. I create and manage projects alongside courses, which focus on developing the cognitive ability of those affected by the environment, connecting the past life traumas and environment.