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Throughout the conference we will be using these hashtags, other social media tools and various surveys to capture perspectives from those attending and joining remotely. Here are some hashtags to keep an eye on... 



This is the main Twitter hashtag for the conference. Use this for discussing anything on your mind happening at the conference.


This hashtag can be used to comment on the Day 1 Social Event of the conference. Details can be found here.


One of the major themes running throughout this conference is digital equality and the idea of creating digital mental health solutions that solve real world problems for vulnerable or disadvantaged groups. There are 5 workshops centred around finding to such solutions; each workshop will have its own dedicated hashtag:

#TheDigitalPsychiatrist     #BeyondTheBullets     #ViewsFromTheStreet     #PrisonTransitionTools     #FaceToFaceOrFacebook


On Day 3 (2nd August) at 3pm UK time we will be having a Live Stream Q&A event. It will bring together many of the key topics being discussed and debated during the conference. Special guest speakers include Dr Tom Insel and Professor Sir Simon Wessely. More details can be found here.


This hashtag relates to the the post conference event. Find out more about this exciting venture here.