Speaker Information

  • We will be recording your presentation (audio and presentation slides) using Powerpoint. Your recording will be made available to all delegates for download and will be promoted on social media. Please let me know if you have any concerns or questions. We will have microphones to pick up high quality audio.
  • Ideally it would be great if you could email your powerpoint slides well in advance to digitalmentalhealth2017@gmail.com or becky.inkster@gmail.com but I understand you might want to add final touches and so instead it would be helpful if you could arrive between 8-9am or 12-2pm (i.e., before lecture sessions start) on 1st August to transfer your slides via USB or email (or on Registration Day 31st July 12-2pm).
  • please let us know if the file size of your talk is unusually large so we can ensure the recorded Powerpoint saves.
  • If you are planning to show social media videos (e.g., YouTube clip) please be aware that the venue, Westminster School, has a specific Acceptable Use Policy geared to protecting young students. You could either download your videos to play into your powerpoint presentation or we would be happy to receive your links/clips etc in advance so that we can get them cleared by the IT Support Team.
  • We will have printed instructions in each room to help the Chairs and Speakers record and save the talks as well as trouble shooting support available.


None yet (!) but this will be updated as soon as possible when questions come through.

Special Collection

If you are interested in publishing your presentation ideas as part of a conference proceedings 'Special Collection' you can find more information here.