If you look at history, innovation doesn’t come just from giving people incentives; it comes from creating environments where their ideas can connect
— Steven Johnson


This workshop aims to improve our understanding of the environmental factors encountered by homeless people


To help us learn more about what life is like on the streets, we are working with London-based community services and homeless people including Brixton Soup Kitchen and The Abbey Centre to capture daily glimpses of their experiences, urban environments, and its impact on their mental health.

In order to help homeless people, we must understand the problems they face. We aim to do so by asking homeless people in Central London, particularly in Brixton and Westminster, to visually capture and upload their own digital photos (of their choice), along with thoughts and feelings about how these photos makes them feel. The homeless people who have kindly consented to participate in this workshop will be generating novel, meaningful data that will be stored as part of our Data Donation project called "Views From The Street".

We will use this insightful, sensitive and generously donated information to explore mental health themes and link this to important topics such as visual literacy and how to apply mixed methods for digital photographic analysis. Most critically, we will use this workshop as an opportunity to explore possible ways in which digital information, especially photos, could be incorporated into improving mental health outcomes and treatments. It will also explore how digital connectivity and prosocial networking amongst homeless people empowers them in their every day life experiences.


workshop learning outcomes:

  1. To gain insights into the complex environments that homeless people face on a daily basis
  2. To improve your understanding of concepts such as visual literacy and how digital photographs can be qualitatively and quantitatively interpreted within the context of mental health
  3. To develop an understanding of how Data Donation websites operate, gain awareness of the ethical implications, and be given the opportunity to learn more by getting involved in a Global Scale-Up Data Donation Project "Views From The Street Around The World".


...a digital window into their world might provide clues and ideas on how to better serve homeless people...




To support our workshop, we want to create a film that documents the journey of this project - putting the views of homeless people at the very centre of this work. We have created a Donate button below to accept funds from any individuals who are kindly willing to support us making this film.