Satinder Gill


University of Cambridge

Satinder Gill is based with the Centre for Music and Science, Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge. Following her PhD in Experimental Psychology (1995) at the University of Cambridge, she has held a number of posts including: Research Scientist with NTT's Basic Research Labs, Japan (1997-1999); Dialogue Team Leader, CKIR, Finland and CSLI, Stanford University (2000-2003); and Senior Research Fellow, Middlesex University, London (2004-2009). Her research investigates the pragmatics of rhythm and sense-making in speech, gesture, and music, within face-to-face and technology mediated communication; She is Associate Editor of AI & Society: Knowledge, Culture and Communication, Editor of 'Cognition, Communication, and Interaction: Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Interactive Technology' (2007), Springer, and author of Tacit Engagement: Beyond Interaction (2015), Springer. She is editor of the forthcoming book (2019), The Relational Interface: Where art, science, and technology meet, Springer.

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