Abhishek Gupta


AI Ethics Researcher, McGill University, Canada

Abhishek Gupta is the founder of the Montreal AI Ethics Institute and an AI Ethics Researcher based out of McGill University and District 3, Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. 

His research focuses on practical ways to address ethical concerns in deploying AI solutions in different industries. These include examining the labor impacts of AI-enabled automation in finance, building curricula to help more people learn about AI Ethics, examine the notion of informed consent, create a checklist for the ethical application of AI in the context of mental health, build a technical and policy framework for enhancing social inclusion in AI and analyzing how social enterprises, non-profits and NGOs can enhance their efforts by using AI-enabled automation. 

In collaboration with other researchers, he is also researching the technical and process improvements required to ensure reproducibility in results from AI research and deployment which will be crucial in our ability to audit AI systems. He actively works with scholars from domains that will be impacted by integrating AI into their work.


He recently led the Canadian Delegation at the AI for Good Global Summit at the United Nations, Geneva where he shared his vision for the ethical development of AI while highlighting the work done by Canadian organizations and companies. He has also been published by the United Nations, World Economic Forum among others and spends quite a bit of his time traveling to share his research and advising governments and policy makers on how to think about AI in their contexts. 

He is also the founder of the AI Ethics community in Montreal that has over 780 members coming from diverse backgrounds including AI, law, sociology, bioethics, neuroscience, policy-making, business, etc. that meet once every two weeks to discuss different aspects of the ethical development of AI and offer public consultations to initiatives across the world.

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