Nadia Khan


Nadia Khan studied International Relations at Queen Mary, University of London. She has a keen interest in social cohesion, interfaith, mental health and technology. In November 2017, she founded The Delicate Mind / نازک ذہن. The social action project seeks to tackle stigmatisation of mental health within the South Asian Muslim community in the UK. In order to do this, The Delicate Mind / نازک ذہن, works with faith leaders, schools, parents and community leaders to tackle intersectional issues around identity, masculinity, and mental health.

Nadia has a keen interest in interfaith and has worked with Near Neighbours, and the Faith and Belief Forum to create unity amongst faith groups to de-stigmatise mental health.

She’s worked with BBC Asian Network, ATN Bangla TV, and UK 44 TV to lead a media advocacy campaign to de-stigmatise mental health within the South Asian community. Her interests lie in international development, tech start ups, space policy and British foreign policy. 

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