Tuvi Orbach


Visionary Entrepreneur, has established and managed companies, charity and innovations to enhance life.

To empower and inspire people to enhance their lives:
To develop, promote, distribute and implement methods, knowledge, products and solutions which enhance self awareness, wellness and quality of life. To help people know and better understand their whole-selves, their relationships, their purpose, empowering them to improve their health well being, character, unfold their potential, and achieving their goals, so enjoying a longer, healthier, happier enhanced meaningful life.

To contribute to global mindset change and promote a new paradigm that enhances mainstream science to include consciousness, and creates bridges between business and values, between conventional medicine and integrated holistic health, and inspires people to be more open minded, open heart, and enjoy meaningful flourishing life.

Specialties: Vision of unmet needs and developing creative solutions for those needs; establishing companies to develop these solutions , leading and managing these companies. Integrating technology, software, communication, healthcare , "lifeware" , psychology.

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