Afsana Salik


Co-Founder of The Delicate Mind / نازک ذہن , UK

Afsana Salik Graduated in BA International Relations from Queen Mary university of London. She has always been interested in community work and issues that the community is facing. Mental health issues have always been important to her, and she witnessed many of her friends suffering from poor mental health at uni, with some dropping out as a consequence. She lead a social action project on this while she was doing her internship with Faith and Belief Forum as a parliamentor. The aim was to make the advice and counseling service more accessible and flexible for students in the campus.

She has recently set up her own Social Enterprise Project to tackle some of the mental health issues, with her friend Nadia Khan. Afsana is trying to work with the British Bangladeshi Community to raise awareness about this issue and educate the Community about the services that available for them. 

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