Ingmar Weber

ingmar weber.jpg

Research Director, Social Computing, Qatar Computing Research Institute, Haman Bin Khalifa University, Qatar

Ingmar is the research director of the Social Computing Group at Qatar Computing Research Institute based in Doha, Qatar. His interdisciplinary research looks at what online user-generated data can tell us about the offline world and society at large. He works with sociologists, political scientists, demographers and medical professionals and several of his projects have been covered by international media. Recurring themes in his research include political polarization, international mobility, and cultural influences on communication patterns.

Ingmar’s academic career has continuously drawn him further South with stops at 52.2°N (BA & MA at Cambridge University), 49.2°N (PhD at Max-Planck Institute for Computer Science), 46.5°N (postdoc at EPFL), 41.4°N (researcher at Yahoo! Research Barcelona) and now 25.3°N (QCRI).

Qatar provides a great opportunity to study these topics as Qatar’s society is extremely diverse, made up of over 80% expats, and there are outstanding local partners to collaborate with such as Al Jazeera, Northwestern University in Qatar or the Brookings Doha Center.

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