Tiny Black Hole

Carmen Platt

There once was a young girl with a tiny black hole in her heart. And even though she hid it well, its presence would never seem to part. 

 She tried to ignore it, tried to deny, but the tiny black hole demanded comply. 

 Through blue skies and starry nights, sunshine and rain, the young girl always felt the ever-lurking pain 

 Because the tiny black hole, as tiny as can be, pulled everything towards it, with the strongest gravity. 

 Even light could not escape it, the pull was just too strong, so the young girl had to pretend to be fine, even though with the black hole she didn’t belong. 

 She would walk confident into a room full of laughter and noise, and then the tiny blackhole would somehow achieve to suck in all her poise. 

 Because no light could ever fully be free, its invisible nature made everyone look inattentive, as though they don’t see… 

 So, the young girl spent more time with her tiny black hole, where she actually felt safer, as if she could somehow control. 

 But with everyone else, she felt as alone as in space, because she knew the faintest laughter would soon disappear in front of her face. 

 She even tried to hide little drops of joy, in airtight glass bottles tied to strings, but the hole would always find that too and consume it as though it longs to destroy. 

 One day, the young girl sat faced down on her swing, where an unfamiliar shadow appeared and stood in front of her, which then began to sing. 

 Hesitantly, she looked at the woman who did not even attempt move, and somehow the sounds infiltrated her heart, which felt as though it could actually sooth. 

 She wondered how is it possible that this beauty escaped the pull, that it didn’t just disappear in the void, and how it made her feel full. 

 Then she felt something strange move in her heart as the woman stood even closer, she looked down and saw the hand of the composer.

 The young girl waited for the beautiful sounds to dissapear in the hole, but it seemed that the woman actually knew how to sing right into her soul.

 She placed her finger to fill the gap in the young girl's heart, so that she could feel how the sound gave her the ability to plant her feet, and really play her part.

 When the woman's angel voice eventually became still, the young girl demanded how she knew about black hole and where she learnt that it was possible to fill.

 The woman did not answer with a word or a phrase, but rather placed the young girl's hand on her own heart, which then locked her gaze.

 There and then she understood something of the how mysterious the universe's mysteries can be, and how we can share the gift of becoming full, if only we allow each other to really see.