Put It Outside (but it's inside)


"Through making digital scribbles as IndoorGoblin, I connect with my subconscious feeling-thoughts in a way that helps me to process previously untranslatable emotion. 

I avoid making overly-conscious choices and let symbols and stories gradually develop on their own - sort of like dreaming. 

Every part of the process is an effective form of art therapy for me; the non-verbal conversation I have with myself can be transformative, as not only can I begin to understand what I feel, I can sometimes change it. 

Sharing my scribbles online straight after making them was initially an experiment to overcome internet-social-anxiety, which ended up helping physically-in-person social-anxiety too; it allowed my inner mind to be more comfortable expressing my thought-feelings, even just to myself"

- Sumita (IndoorGoblin +.+)