Mr Gee

Spoken word poet, Mr Gee, was a closing DIMH2019 speaker. Though out the conference, he carefully digested what he saw and heard when he attended many talks and events. This inspired him to write the following poem, which he performed to end the event. More about Mr Gee can be found here.

If we can cast our thoughts amongst the stars,
Send our Rocketships to Mars,
Interrogate our Universe for secrets,
To get a sense of who we are,

If we can analyse the microscopic,
Optimise our care for the atomic,
Witness the nucleus of our memories,
Bodypop upon the frequency of such harmonics,

Yet who can truly tune into the mind?
To extrapolate the 'We' from within the 'I'
Is it the coding of the issue,
Or is it the trail we leave behind?

Is it that "well-being" has now become political?
Or is it fundamentally spiritual?
So the message of the censor,
Seeks early intervention among the digital,

So we dissect the language and its useage,
Evaluate heartbeats and conclusions,
The Governance of design,
The ethics of our abuses,

To find 'fairness' automation,
Amidst the bias of our imagination,
But who assigns the Data to a Meaning... Algorithm married to our engagement?

Thus we now observe the changes,
Monitor such progress from afar,
To check our mental bank balance arrangement,
Before we hit that overdraft,

Yet if we can cast our minds beyond the stars,
To remove those cobwebs that cover Mars,
For inside holds all our answers,
When we learn to love just who we are,

(c) Mr Gee

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