Ross O'Brien & the Grenfell Tower Fire: Call for Publication

Spotlight Speaker: Ross O'Brien

Talk Title: Insights from the Grenfell Tower Fire: how can technology help future responses?

Interesting in writing up this work as a co-author?

Please let Ross O’Brien & Becky Inkster know if you are interested in contributing as a co-author on this work, which will explore possible solutions and recommendations. This paper will be published in a high impact journal and also presented to healthcare and tech industry stakeholders.

Talk background: The emergency services and the NHS responded extremely well to the difficult conditions and circumstances presented by the fire at the Grenfell Tower. After the fire, however, a lack of cooperation, collaboration or intelligence sharing between support agencies meant the relief effort was hampered and the affected population were left struggling to piece together what had happened and how to seek help. At the Spotlight Talk at the Digital Innovation in Mental Health conference 2019, Ross O’Brien, Deputy Director of the Grenfell Health and Wellbeing Service, examined which relief initiatives were effective and which didn’t meet the mark, and started a discussion as to how these things can be improved for the future.