Carolina Are

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Carolina Are, 26, is a former PR and social media strategist turned PhD student and visiting lecturer at City, University of London. Carolina has a BA in Journalism from City, a MA in Criminology from the University of Sydney and is about to start her third year as a PhD candidate in City’s Sociology department. She specialises in the fields of cyber-criminology, cyber-harassment, disinformation, conspiracy theories, online subcultures and fan studies.

Having worked with social media as a blogger, freelancer, consultant, academic and PR, Carolina is well aware of the different tensions between players involved with posting content online. During her six-year career in PR and social media management, and throughout her experience as both a blogger and an academic, Carolina has watched the conversations we’re having on and about social media change throughout the years, and advocates for a more human rights focused approach to regulation and censorship. Twitter handle: @carolina_are

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