Michael Matania

Michael Matania.jpg

Michael’s spent 5 years designing and delivering various frontline programmes for the national mental health charity Mind. Specialising in prevention and mental resilience, he co-created the UK’s biggest peer-led resilience programme, established the Employee Champions professional network for the 'Time to Change' national mental health campaign and was a co-designer of Minds 'Whole School Approach' to Mental Health National Strategy for England & Wales.

Michael currently works with various global organisations including Facebook, Sony and Shell to improve mental resilience in the workplace through his company Tough Cookie. Michael also co-founded the 'MindHaven' project, a collaboration between Tough Cookie and Oculus Rift VR which is exploring the intersection of Virtual Reality and Meditation. He also co-founded Psilocybin for Mental Health, which is lobbying government to reschedule psilocybin, the active ingredient in 'magic mushrooms', from a schedule 1 to schedule 2 substance so UK researchers can better explore it's application as a 'breakthrough treatment' for depression.

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