Kristina Barger


I am a former psychotherapist (New York University) turned cognitive scientist (University College London). I specialise in evidence-based cognitive performance and change. I am especially interested in design and decision modelling for high-performing teams and digital products. I work with individuals, teams and startups from 4 continents and have spent my professional life in NYC, London, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv and Seoul.

I am the founder of Cogenta, a Dutch company that specialises in evidence-based design, particularly in the areas of healthcare and behavioural change. We use a broad range of qualitative and quantitative methods to help SaaS startups and scale ups structure software, processes and services to yield higher quality, more reliable and empirically valid behavioural and cognitive data. We also provide consulting on bias, ethics and sensitivity in regards to SaaS and mental health issues.

I am also a cofounder of weare3Sixty, a UK company specialising in start up mental health and performance. I authored the first study on mental health in the UK startup sector (N=271), identifying depression, anxiety and loneliness rates at >3 x the national average. We offer evidence-based, fully-supervised coaching and training across a range of preventative topics, tailored specifically for startups and scale ups. All our services include assessments, metrics and privacy-protected progress reporting.

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