Nathan Dennis

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I believe learning should be transformational, it should stimulate thinking and behavioural change. That's why I don't do ordinary, it's not only dull, but it doesn't create change, it doesn't shift people into a new space, and that's what I'm about.

For over a decade I have been directing & leading, with years of experience in youth & diverse community engagement strategies, creating a developing excellent customer experience and developing leaders.

I create and facilitate fun, professional & motivational learning environment that helps staff at all levels find a voice ensuring everybody feels included and leaves equip to achieve his or her full potential.

My work has lead me to win and be nominated for a number of prestigious awards from Barclays, Birmingham City Council, The Education Awards 2017 and the Unsung Hero’s Midlands Awards 2018.

I have experience working with companies like the Royal Shakespeare company, KPMG, Mind and Mears. I am currently an associate working with AKD an international Learning and Development Consultancy that works with Global brands including C&A, Holiday Inn, Renault Group & Toyota.

Through my work with First Class Legacy I help companies think differently about how they engage diverse, young people & communities.

Through Consultancy, Training, Facilitation, Media & Events.

I teach & connect you to young people & local communities, using years of experience, of helping many different companies more effectively engage, connect & build lasting relationships with those deemed hard to reach.

My methodology ensures that both clients & their services users win & get the results they require.

Centre to everything I do is the love for my Wife, our 4 daughters. And passion and desire to great the best possible future for them & others.

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