Day to day I am fighting to stay alive

Neoteric Dance Company

Emma Dickson, Founder & Artistic Director, Registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist.

“Day to day, in the deep end, It’s not like I’m waiting for it to happen…….”

1990s Chris, Spoken Word Artist

The days and nights roll into one, each bringing with them their own demons and all intrusive thoughts. What is life like once you return from war and have left the armed forces behind??

Do you return to a world that is rose tinted and peaceful?

What happens if the world and life you fought so hard to protect in fact becomes your very own daily battlefield?

Through movement and spoken words, Neoteric Dance Company has created a short dance film that shines a light on the struggles and difficulties faced by those who have been to hell and back, and who are now lost in the darkness.

This raw and honest dance film shares what it is like for one veteran who is living day to day with a diagnoses of Combat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

This dance film is inspired by an interview between 2 dancers and a veteran. This veteran wanted to share his experiences of living with combat PTSD in the hopes of shining a light on a very important and prevalent issue for today’s Armed Forces & their families.

This piece not only shares the experiences held by the veteran, but also captures the embodied responses held by the dancer, seeing this being echoed throughout the spoken words created by 1990’s Chris.