Through Her Eyes

Neoteric Dance Company

Emma Dickson, Founder & Artistic Director, Registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist.

You meet the one you hope to spend your life with, you enjoy special moments with them. You support them whilst they are away on tour, you are there when they return. The weeks, months and years roll by, you both enjoying what life has to offer you. From one photograph to the next its smiles and colour, happiness and peace.

 But what has the photograph not captured? As those weeks, months and years have gone by those colourful smiles have become less, there has been very little peace, and what was once a happy home has now become a place of unrest and pain.

 Men and women have returned from war and have been scared by what has taken place. They go through the system to access support and when they are ‘well enough' they are sent back in to civilian life.

 But who is forgotten, who is over looked...the wives , husbands and family members who have waited at home, who are there when nightmares take place and who are working hard to support and love their family.

 ‘Through Her Eyes’ tells the stories of wives who are supporting a loved one with Combat PTSD following their time on tour. This new dance film and Photographic Exhibition moves and considers the experiences held by partners of those in the military and give space and time for their voices to be heard.

 This publicly funded National Lottery through the Arts Council England project has not only seen a thought provoking Dance Film and Photographic Exhibition take shape (seeing award wining artists involved), but this project has given space for wives to share their stories, to feel heard and to know they are important.

By connecting with the Ripple Pond- 'a self help support network for the adult family members of British service personnel & veterans’, has meant that Neoteric Dance Company have been able to help promote the work this charity does and to make those we have worked with aware of support networks out there.