Joosua Valkonen


Joosua has bachelor's degree in social services from Diaconia university of applied sciences and he is working on creating new and interesting ways to contact gamers who haven’t been yet reached by other ways of social services. He claims that many players around the world are misunderstood and often labeled as homogenetic group of people that are a threat or a liability to society. He runs a Discord server for young gamers that need a place of acceptance and understanding. The server is called SEKASIN and is one of, if not the biggest Discord server in Finland while having 11,000+ members.

He is the project manager of Mental Gaming (Sekasin Gaming) and works at MIELI Mental Health Finland. His goal in his work is to make people feel that that they are safe and do not feel alone in our community, where people can build friendships, self-confidence and all-around better mental health. He thinks that through Discord and other services they use, they can reach people who wouldn’t most likely search for help anywhere else. Discord also makes it possible to offer low-threshold service at a place which is known to youth that spend a lot of their time online.

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