Shanali Perera

Shanali Perera.jpg

I am a self-taught digital artist based in Manchester and advocate for the use of creativity to cope with facing challenges from long-term conditions. I took up Digital art following early retirement due to a rare illness, that came on during my specialist training in Rheumatology.

Exploring art and the human factor, making the invisible visible, my expressions aims to communicate the bigger picture of misunderstood, understated or ignored emotional, socio-cultural, political and economic aspects influencing the lived experience with illness. Through my art, I would like to share how the ‘creative force’ empowered me; the impact digital art has on supporting me to take control and manage my condition.
My work is centred on generating awareness about how creative engagement can be used as a tool to combat struggles encountered in long-term illnesses, along with other therapies. Highlighting the potential use of digital medium for expression for people with hand function limitations. As well as generate an interest on how expressions of the ‘lived experience’ can help health practitioners and the public; gain newer insights and better understanding around what the ‘lived experience’ looks like.

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